An Ode To Taras

Taras Boulba bottles

An Ode To Taras

Blog Post Two | February 26th 2018 | Rachel Heaton

At Café Beermoth, we have a mild obses… wait, did I say mild? What I meant was: at Café Beermoth we have an all consuming obsession for our house beer, Taras Boulba, and last week I went round to Brasserie De La Senne in Brussels to see its birthplace.

I was shown round the brewery by Yvan De Baets. As the tour went on, what became increasingly apparent was the almost unheard of attention to detail applied to every level of brewing. From visiting hop farms to ensure best ingredient quality, to the nitrogen dropper in the bottling line to ensure no oxygenation can happen in the 30cm trip between beer being dispensed and the bottle being capped. No detail is overlooked.

This care is reflected in the beers – from the light and refreshing Taras Boulba, to the toasty bitterness of Stouterik, all of the beers are characterful and complex. What’s also noticeable is how all these distinct beers seem related to one another, and this is partly down to De La Senne’s expert use of their house yeast across all their beers. The yeast has not escaped De La Senne’s uncompromising care and attention – the ethos is to truly know and understand the ingredient to create a perfect beer.

The fermenters were specially designed by Yvan: short and squat, inspired by the ancient apparatus used in brewing-gone- by, they are designed to minimise pressure on the yeast. This mix of brewing design innovation, with traditional brewing technique typifies the brewing style of De La Senne – I’m looking forward to what they come up with when they move to their new, custom brewery!

What I learnt was that our obsession with ‘Taras’ isn’t just some quirk developed from spending too much time at work, but is a result of De La Senne’s obsessive care, attention to detail, and absolute passion for all things beer. I’ll raise a glass of Taras to that!