Beermoth Beer Range

There is an ideal beer for everyone and we’d like to help you to find yours. We stock beers from quite a few countries but we’re not really a ‘world beer’ shop. We don’t stock beers just because we can get hold of them, they’re chosen because they’re outstanding examples of the style, are produced by an excellent brewery or are otherwise interesting and worthy of recommendation.

Our selection changes quickly so there’s no full stock list available. Please get in touch if you’re looking for a particular beer.

In the shop, hundreds of beers are organised in to four sections according to their origin; UK, Belgian, US, German and ‘everything else’ which includes Dutch, Danish, New Zealand and Italian beers. If you’re a beer enthusiast, we guaruntee you’ll find something to get excited about.

New beers are announced on Twitter (@thebeermoth) If you see something you want but can’t make it in to Manchester straight away, get in touch and we’ll reserve them for you for up to two weeks.

We offer a discount on full cases. For most beers, this usually requires one weeks’ notice.