Flower Power! | Monday 9th July

Flower Power! Tasting Notes

Blog Post Seven | June 22nd 2018 | Rachel Heaton

Once again, thanks to everyone who came to the bottle club on Sunday – it was good to see some new faces. This time, we were trying beers with added flowers (flowers other than the hop flower, of course).

Saison de Lis – Perennial
Belgian Ale with Camomile

A lot of camomile on the nose, but the floral notes were overshadowed on the palate by the saison yeast flavours. Peppery, herbal and highly carbonated, this is a lovely example of a classic saison and a refreshing summery drink.

Saison Cazeau – Brasserie de Cazeau Saison with elderflowers

The bitter notes of the saison yeast are intensified by the bitter elderflower flavour. Imagine an elderflower cordial without the sugar. A beer for those who want an intense saison taste.

Spirit Animal Loquat Elderflower - Cloudwater / Jester King

Mixed fermentation saison with elderflowers and loquats
Sweet and wine-like, this was the most floral-tasting of the beers we tried. Heavily floral without venturing into soap/perfume territory, and ending on lovely stobe-fruit flavours from the loquats. I’m
impressed that the elderflower flavour is strong enough to hold it’s own against the sour and saison yeast flavours. The low carbonation intensivies the syrupy-wine flavours and textures from foudre aging.
I really loved this beer, but the group’s opinion was divided.

Roads Garden – Two Roads
Saison with flowers

There is a really long list of flowers on the label, only some of which I recognise from the latin names
(namely lavender and camomile). This creates a lovely, floral, lightly spicy saison ending in apricotty-
fruity notes.

IO Saison, Baudelaire Biere Series – Jolly Pumpkin
Saision with rose hips, rose petals and hibiscus

This was everyone’s favourite beer of the afternoon. The hibiscus makes it a pleasing pink colour (who doesn’t love a pink beer?) and it smells like rose and strawberry jam. Beautifully balanced sour and fruity notes ending on rose.

If you like the sound of any of these beers, they are all available in Café Beermoth and in Beermoth Bottle Shop.

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