Focus On: Saison | Wednesday 18th April

Focus On: Saison bottles

Focus On: Saison | Wednesday 18th April

Blog Post Five | March 23rd 2018 | Liam Howard

Following on from our sell-out Lambic tasting earlier in the month we're bringing you 

Saisons have been showcased from the very beginning by Beermoth, and we have always strived to showcase the incredible complexity and variations of this style.

This is why we have decided to pit European saisons against American ones for this event.

Our very own Jeremy will be picking out the three American saisons we'll be tasting and these will go up against three European saisons handpicked by John Clarke  (

This will show the difference that location plays in this style, as well as tradition and innovation.

This event is already half sold out, so if you want to get tickets don't wait around!

Focus On: Saison Wednesday 18th April 6.30PM

Tickets available from Eventbrite.

Lambic shelf at Beermoth Bottle Shop