Time & Tide | Friday 13th July

Huge thanks to everyone who came to visit us over Manchester Beek Week. We had a great time with all the fantastic events , including Rob Percival’s informative Yeast Talk, Runaway Brewery to Beermoth with our good friend Mark Welsby. Later in the week the Café held a sold out Guided IPA Tasting with Callum Darley, and finally we finished with … Read More

Flower Power! | Monday 9th July

Once again, thanks to everyone who came to the bottle club on Sunday – it was good to see some new faces. This time, we were trying beers with added flowers (flowers other than the hop flower, of course). A lot of camomile on the nose, but the floral notes were overshadowed on the palate by the saison yeast flavours. … Read More

Focus On: …Wine? | Thursday 24th May

Fruit Sour Tasting Notes Thanks to everyone who came to the Fruit Sours Guided Tasting last week, but for everyone who couldn’t make it: here’s a brief description of what we had. We tried five beers from Council Brewing Company. This small San Diego based brewery is headed by a wife and husband team and focusses on strong flavours the … Read More

Guided By: Fruit Sours | Tasting Notes

Guided By: Fruit Sours attendees

Following on from our sell-out Lambic tasting earlier in the month we’re bringing you  Saisons have been showcased from the very beginning by Beermoth, and we have always strived to showcase the incredible complexity and variations of this style. This is why we have decided to pit European saisons against American ones for this event. Our very own Jeremy will … Read More