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Beermoth 6th Birthday. Join the celebration, events through February & March
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Pomona Island

Pomona Island Barrel-Aged IRS Launch Tasting

Saturday 9th February From 3PM Beermoth | Tib Street 0161 444 2001 Twitter Instagram

We're excited to have Pomona Island launching three variations of their IRS Imperial Stout in Manchester on the 9th of February at Beermoth Cellar for our first event of 2019!


Each variation has been barrel-aged in a different cask, with Caol Isla, Highland Park, and Marsala variants. Each cask has made very different changes the beer, with each finished product tasting completely different from the others.


The ticket price includes a pour from each beer and a discussion with the brewers.

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Bottle Tasting Poster

Café Beermoth Monthly Bottle Tasting

Last Sunday of the Month From 7PM Café Beermoth | Brown Street 0161 835 2049 Twitter Instagram

Our Bottle Bottle Tasting is returning in a new Monthly format. Every last Sunday of the Month from 7PM.

With expert picks from our staff at both the Café and the Shop, expect to try some incredible, rare and delicious beers!

Anyone and everyone welcome, from beginners to experts and anyone wanting to broaded their knowledge of beer.

Your ticket also entitles you to 20% off any other bottles and food on the day, and also 5% off draught beer.

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Het Uiltje Poster

Het Uiltje Tap Takeover

TBC From 5PM Free Entry Cafe Beermoth | Brown Street 0161 835 2049 Twitter Instagram

We're delighted to be welcoming Het Uiltje back to Café Beermoth for a Tap Takeover in the near future. We'll be bringing some of the latest and craziest beers from the brewery for you to try!

From the brewery -

Our mission is pretty much monomaniacal: to brew f*cking good beer. We call it craft-y beer because the owl's got a sharp, uncompromised tongue and a penchant for mischief.

On a typical day we toy with the familiar – unfiltered lager, silky hefeweizen and puckery American IPA, anyone? – but at night we explore the crafty beer extremes from our medieval watering hole Haarlem (That's Haarlem with two 'a's, the Dutch one, and the namesake of New York's single-'a'ed Harlem).

Really truly, our idea of fun is abusing the rauchbeer-Scotch ale-sour beer-oak-aged Imperial Stout-Barley wine clichés. The first rule of owl school: when using hops think in wheelbarrows and not buckets.

So enjoy us, drink us and by all means hop fans abuse us right back – ideally via our social media channels where we announce our very active new creations.


We will also have street food and music until late.