Quadrupel Tasting

Saison: A Guided Tasting · Beermoth Tib Street · 28th June · 7 PM *SOLD OUT*


Saison: A Guided Tasting Tasting · Beermoth 70 Tib St.
Friday 28th June · 7 pm

Following on from our successful Quadrupel guided tasting, we are pleased to announce our next event: ‘Saison: A Guided Tasting’. Join us as we try and make sense of what a Saison is, the history, and most importantly, try some really amazing beer.

We will try what is widely regarded as the benchmark Saison, Saison Dupont, produced by Brasserie Dupont. Next up is Burdock’s Tuesday, with a flavour profile similar to Dupont from a renowned Canadian brewery. We then go farmhouse with Bådin’s Saison Larsen, with added lime peel and brewed inside the Arctic Circle!

Sticking with the farmhouse tradition next up is Burning Sky’s Saison Printemps, a beer blended with barrel-aged beer, allowing a little bit of tartness to come through. Finally, The Kernel’s Bière de Saison Cider Apple, where Cider pommace is spontaneously fermented with Bière de Saison wort, an example of the experimentation that is possible within this style.

Saison Dupont
Burdock · Tuesday
Bådin · Saison Larsen
Burning Sky · Saison Printemps
The Kernel · Bière de Saison Cider Apple

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Casual Chess Club opster

Casual Chess Club · Café Beermoth · Every 1st and 3rd Monday of the month · From 5 PM


Join us on the 1st and 3rd Monday of each month for light-hearted chess fun! We'll have boards set up for you to play on with your drinks. All skill levels are welcome.

Free entry.

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Drinking Beer poster

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Drinking Beer Cask Collaborations Series · Café Beermoth


Drinking Beer #2 is on the way! This time from Rochdale cask legends Pictish. 🍺

Pictish have been carving their own path for the last 22 years, being one of the first UK breweries to use American hops in their beer, and consistently make some of the best cask around!

Long-standing beers like Alchemists Ale & Brewers Gold are big favourites of ours, and Pictish’s frequent single-hop specials are always amazing. 🧑‍🌾🌾

For the past ten years the brewery has essentially been a one man operation, with Paul Wesley at the helm. It was an incredibly interesting brewery to see in operation, and big thanks to Paul for having us down!

For this second Drinking Beer we’re making what Pictish do best, a hop-forward 4.5% Pale, stacked with Citra & a smattering of other hops!

Expect punchy hop character and that classic Pictish bitter finish!

We’ll be launching the beer on Thursday 15th of December, with others beers from Pictish pouring on the night, and Paul will be here to chat and enjoy some beers with us!

This is going to be a fun one! 🍻

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